A new way to protect your furniture!

Nanotex o Nanotex and Alta are services of special treatments for the Fabrics and in some cases for wallpaper (Retardant of Fire).

Nanotex Nanotex brand is a technology that has existed for some years and is a topical treatment to protect fabrics from soil and stains.
These processes adhere to each fiber of the textiles to provide greater durability, maintaining the naturalness of the fabric.
Alta brand is new in the industry and treats fabrics with a bathing and drying method that is more saturated but with very good results.span>
This process allows the fabric to be easy to clean and maintain without special cleaning products. The technology is based on water and allows the life of the fabric to be durable as it is free of solvents or volatile organic compounds.
We also have other types of treatments that for a low cost can be implemented in the fabrics you choose.
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Soil and Stain Repellant Finish
  • UV Treatment (Recommended for outdoors)
  • UV Treatment (Recommended for outdoors)
  • Anti- Microbial
  • Moth Proofing