We know how classic and flashy leather is. We have chosen the best collections to offer you a bold range of color options so that you can give your furniture a special touch making it unique upholstered pieces. Aging luxuriously and beautifully, leather develops more texture and softness as it becomes more and more a part of your home. With proper care, these hides create quality pieces that can become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. Give a different touch to your spaces.


Knowing how to use textures plays an important role in generating pleasant sensations and being successful in the decoration you are looking for. These textures will elevate the overall experience of the decorated space. Let us advise you.


We dedicate time and care to the personalization of your furniture. Made to fit your comfort and aesthetic desires. Fabrics, firmness, fit, and even buttons and jewelry can be included if you want a bit of additional glamor.


Get to know our new collection, and discover trends, textures and colors.


Mix shapes, colors, textures and add that sophisticated touch to your spaces with our wide and exclusive range of curtains.


Find collections oriented to timeless elegance and generate unmistakable environments.


Textile Shapes and Contrasts turns furniture into a distinctive sign of luxury, offering tapestries in which, collection after collection, we give life to unique pieces of decoration. Our idea is to give a differentiated and stylized touch to the home of each of our clients, using fabrics full of design and avant-garde as well as nanotechnology that makes each of its fibers work to achieve special protection against dirt, liquids, fire, etc.


We have achieved unique and special spaces that are reflected in the satisfaction of those who know our work.