A touch of personality for your space. Tamara Crespo, recognized painter, interior designer and an important part of our team, will be able to advise you so that each environment comes to life with style and personality.


We dedicate time and care to the personalization of your furniture. Made to fit your comfort and aesthetic desires. Fabrics, firmness, fit, and even buttons and jewelry can be included if you want a bit of additional glamor.


Meet our new collection, and discover trends, textures and colors.


Accessories will give character and a luxurious atmosphere. Find special decorative elements, of great beauty and aesthetics for your home.


Select your furniture among unique pieces and give an exclusive touch to your home.

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Formas y Contrastes is a company with 25 years in the Ecuadorian market, founded by Interior Designer and Decorator Luis Alfredo Crespo who has been able to reinforce the identity of a brand that has become, collection after collection, a distinctive sign of luxury furniture. His idea of giving a differentiated and stylized touch to the home of each of his clients has allowed him to achieve unique environments that are reflected in the satisfaction of those who know his work.